Thursday 16 June 2022

South African ? Pop/Pop Rock/Bubblegum from 1969: Rabbitt - Rabbitt 1 (1969 Bell Records) Vinyl

Some information about the album: It was produced by Lee Hazlewood and Larry Marks, who also arranged the songs. Most of the songs were written by Toni and Larry Marks. One song was contributed by Lee Hazlewood, who also published almost all the songs in his music publishing company. One song was co-written by John Carter, one of the most successful pop composers, who was hugely successful with countless projects. All this leads me to the conclusion that it was recorded by studio musicians. I have also read other things on the net, for example that it is supposed to be the South African 70s band Rabbitt. Among others, Duncan Faure and Trevor Rabin played in the formation. I find this hard to believe, because Faure would have been only 13 years old at the time of the recordings. Anyway, the album offers catchy pop music, as it was probably played on the radio in the early seventies. I wish everyone a lot of fun.(Frank)

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