Wednesday 29 December 2021

Re ups, new links, password?

 Hello Folks!

All of you who are asking for re-ups or new links, I'm afraid I'll have to put you off until I revive the blog in spring at the latest. Then, of course, I will be happy to comply with your wishes in this regard. I ask for your understanding.

To answer the questions about the password: You can find it really very easy on the blog. As a rule it is: SB1 .
If, for once, it should be a different password, I will of course make this known. But again: As a rule it is: SB1 .

Okay my friends, i hope we will see in spring here in POTR.
Keep on rockin'

Friday 3 December 2021

Springtime 2022 !

 Dear friends,

after a long and turbulent time which was often not pleasant for me, I plan to continue the blog. So to update all the old posts and of course to present new music. This will take some time but I hope in spring 2022 it will be ready. I don't want to miss to thank you for all the comments you have posted so many times. Unfortunately it was not possible for me to answer them and I ask for your understanding. So, I hope to welcome you all next year again on ,, Pop on the Run ".

I wish you all a peaceful pre-Christmas period, a happy Christmas and a healthy new year. See you soon, keep on rockin' Frank