Thursday 16 June 2022

'60s Psychedelic Pop: The End - Introspection 1969 (2005 Decca, UK, Limited Edition) 2 Bonus Tracks


Although Introspection bombed due to a belated release, collectors have since heralded it as one of the finest albums from the brief British psychedelic wave. Produced by Rolling Stone Bill Wyman in early 1968, the spirit of the era (or maybe that of the previous summer) is sonically created, with sumptuous results. 

Giffin and Graham's gentle harmony vocals tread a similar path to Odessey and Oracle-era Zombies, while sessionman Nicky Hopkins' harpsichord, a pumping Hammond, Terry Taylor's searing Cream-like fuzztone guitar leads, psychedelic duel-ragas, and floating Mellotron recreate the colors of a rainbow. The overall effect is psych-pop rather than acid-inspired mayhem, although the drifting ambience of the production,

 lyricism, and instrumentation could not be anything else than a product of psychedelia. A majority of the numbers were clearly influenced by the Satanic Majesties' Request sessions that Wyman had been undertaking -- and indeed Wyman co-wrote two songs -- although the the End's more commercial pop edge forges a sound distant from the Rolling Stones. With an abundance of moods, tones, and a gloriously over the top production, Introspection is a superb period piece, and rightfully deserves it's near-classic status. (John Mills, allmusic)

Of course, the album with its (rather poppy) sound came too late in the changing market. Meanwhile, since the Beatles released "Sergeant Pepper", more and more albums entered the charts, but of course other musicians were also involved. Bands like King Crimson, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pink Floyd, to name but three, entered the charts in the early seventies. 'The End' had been a single band until then and had released an 'EP'. The band came out with their album two years too late, in my opinion. Nevertheless, the album is a great pop album. If you love psychedelic pop of the sixties, you will want to add this album to your collection. Enjoy!(Frank)

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  1. This is one of those classic UK Psych albums that I thought I had in my collection but didn't.....many thanks Frank for sharing this wonderful glad you are back as will all missed your wonderful blog.....Love & Peace Stu

  2. Thanks, I'll Tune In later, (already turned on/dropped out). Be Well.


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