Monday 6 June 2022

'60s Easy Listening, Vocal, Bubblegum: Salt Water Taffy - Finder Keepers (1968-69 Buddah) (2009 Rev-Ola)


Digitally re-mastered and expanded edition of this 1968 album from the Bubblegum Pop outfit. Led by Rod McBrien, Salt Water Taffy were originally conceived as a white version of the 5th Dimension... when Bubblegum started to hit however, they reconfigured to a more poppy sound, and signed a deal with Buddah Records, spiritual home of Bubblegum. Arranged by Meco Monardo (later to have a monster hit with a Discofied Star Wars Theme), 'Finders Keepers' was a perfect Bubblegum hit: childish yet knowing. The album followed, with 12 perfect slices of New York radio-tastic Pop, dancey and hooky as hell! Perfect vocal harmonies met infectious beats, as Salt Water Taffy took it to the bridge! If you like a bit of sugar on your Superpop, you'll love this! With a bonus of the original mono mixes of their as rare as anything Buddah single, this is a Bubbletastic feast! (Rev-Ola)

Flac (zippy)                                                                        Flac (M)

 mp3 (zippy)                                                                       mp3 (M)

                                     pass: SB1


  1. So good to see you back Frank,
    You post some amazing things not seen elsewhere.

  2. This looks interesting thanks Frank


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