Sunday, 8 May 2022

Wonderful British Baroque Folk/Psychedelic Folk/Folk Rock/Folk Pop: Evensong - Evensong 1973 (Merry Go Round 2010) mono/stereo


Released by Philips in 1973, Evensong's self-titled album is a highly regarded British folk-pop artifact that has received critical acclaim and sold well. The duo's fragile, harmony-drenched songs are instrumentally underpinned by veteran studio musicians Clem Cattini, B. J. Cole and Herbie Flowers, with artful string arrangements by former Spencer Davis Group guitarist Ray Fenwick. (walmart)

I can't praise this album highly enough. I'm not really a big folk fan, but this album just blew me away the first time I heard it. Every song is just great. The string arrangements by Ray Fenwick really enhance the feel of the songs. Everything about this album is just right. I can only recommend it to everyone. Simply beautiful music. Enjoy.(Frank)

Flac (zippy)                                                                                                                  Flac

mp3@320(zippy)                                                                                                          mp3@320

                                                                        pass: SB1


  1. Thanks always. :)

  2. Hallo Frank, Rosetta Stone on "Oldrocker" ... Gruß - Peter

    1. Auch von hier nochmal ein riesengroßes DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKESCHÖN!!!

  3. Thanks for another gem Frank.

  4. Bin etwas enttäuscht ! So lange Pausen zwischen den Einträgen. Nicht als Kritik gemeint sondern als Bedauern.


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