Saturday 16 May 2020

Rock/Psychedelic Rock: Maypole - The Real 1971 (2005 Gear Fab)

The album offers a lot of rock sounds, but always with a great feeling for melody. I think the band was a bit ahead of their time with this album. Of course they used all the ingredients that were common in their time, but they didn't do this at random.

The album sounded very modern for its time. The band consisted of excellent musicians and they knew how to use their skills skilfully. I like the album very much because it is very rocky and never forgets the essence of a song: expression and feeling. You can read the history of the band in the booklet, written by Dennis Tobell, co founder of the band. Enjoy.(Frank)


Alternative Flac
Alternative mp3 Link


  1. At Flac is MARMALADE while at mp3 is corect. Go on.Best job !!!!!

    1. Hello John,
      thank you very much for your info. I will fix it now. Have a nice sunday and stay healthy


  2. Frank vielleicht hast du dich gewundert das ich zu Maypole einen Kommentar abgegeben habe wo kein download möglich war. Ganz einfach, ich habe bei amazon reingehört(full album) u.mir dann die cd über discogs bestellt. Anonymus= Josef, falls du dich erinnerst. Danke nochmals für den wunderbaren Tipp. Ich bin schon gespannt auf die kommenden.

  3. Finally got around to listening to this today and just want to thank you Frank for introducing me to this great is pretty damn good .....stay safe and wishes Stu


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