Sunday 17 May 2020

Rock, R'n'B, Soul, Pop: The Pretty Things - Electric Banana 1967 (1990 Repertoire)

As chart activity became slim for the Pretty Things around 1967, they started a sideline of recording songs specifically for film soundtracks. This compilation features their vocal contributions to these projects, and consists mostly of fairly pedestrian psychedelic-tinged rock of a lower standard than either their 1967-68 singles or the S.F. Sorrow album. Highlights are the driving fuzzy rocker "Alexander" and an early version of the S.F. Sorrow track "I See You." (Richie Unterberger,

Of course these recordings can't be compared to their classics, but there are some songs that are catchy, like 'Street Girl', 'Grey Skies', 'I Love You', 'Love , Dance And Sing', 'A Thousand Ages From The Sun', just to name a few. Enjoy.(Frank)

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