Sunday, 23 June 2019

Sixties Pop: Various Artists - The Boys From Cameo Parkway Vol.1& Vol.2 (1964-1965, 2014/15 ABKCO Rec.)

ABKCO released this compilation of artists and their songs, which appeared in the sixties on the famous Cameo Parkway label. Vol.1 was released in January 1964, Vol.2 in early 1965. You can find some obscure titles here and the range goes from ''A to Z''. Just to name a few of the artists: Johnny Freno, Mark Dinning, Johnny Maestro, Len Barry, Don Covay, Bobby Sherman, Bobby Ellis.
Favorite songs in this collection are "Okay Girl" and ''All Through The Night'' by Tom Burt. Also great is ''Out In The Country'' by Mike Clifford. But there is more to discover here. In my opinion Vol.2 is the stronger collection but, of course, it's a question of taste. By the way: The Girls Of Cameo Parkway will follow tomorrow. Anyway,...Enjoy.(Frank)


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